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Please email us and we will be happy to provide a quote.
Once you complete your booking, you will be issued a voucher with full instructions on how to meet your driver and where he/she will be waiting for you. You will also have 24 hour telephone contacts issued on the voucher in the event that you should still have problems finding your driver.
Yes, flight arrival times are monitored.
In respect of flight delays, diversions, missed connections when the transport service originates from the airport, the waiting policy is:
Flight Delays:
Flight delays from original scheduled flight time of up to 2 hours are included. With flight delays over 2 hours you must contact us in advance and we will advise accordingly.
For transfers FROM the airport (arrivals):
You should provide us with the arrival time as shown on your flight tickets, without modifying.
For transfers TO the airport (departures):
Please provide the PICK UP time for your transfer. You need to take into account the transfer time (Google maps gives a good indication, or get in touch and we will advise), AND also allow 2 hours at the airport before your flight.
Example : Your flight is at 11:50, if transfer time is 1 hour, plus 2 hours allowance before the flight, you should be picked up 3 hours in advance, i.e. 08:50.
You must check the details on the voucher as soon as you receive it. Please notify us of any errors immediately as it may not be possible to make changes later, especially on busy periods. For any changes we need 48 hours notice, so check the details (especially your return) well in advance.
It is highly recommended to book as early as possible, as we occasionally have to block out certain dates and/or times due to running out of transportation vehicle availability.
Each passenger may carry one piece of baggage with a maximum weight of 20 kg (maximum combined size of 158cm). Any excess luggage must be declared at the time of booking. Please note that standard cars have limited space, if you have big suitcases or a baby buggy, they will only take 2 suitcases. For 3/4 passengers with big suitcases and/or a baby buggy, please book the minivan. For families that need 2+ baby/booster seats, please book the minivan. In the event of additional vehicles being required to transport any excess of undeclared luggage, the passenger will be held responsible for covering any additional costs.
The driver will normally wait up to 45 minutes after your flight has landed before calling you. After this procedure and if there is no answer or sign of the passenger the driver will leave the airport.
If you are delayed in customs, immigration, baggage collection or lost luggage please call us to ensure that your driver will wait. You will find contact details on your voucher.
If you foresee that you will take less time (only hand luggage) or more (reduced mobility, etc) please advise us at the same time you book ,on the field “Any additional information”.
Yes, we cater for baby or booster seats free of charge.
When booking you have the option to select how many you will need.
You must tell us if minors are included on your service booking request. If you want to bring your own seats please let us know you will be doing so.
There is a link at the bottom of our homepage to cancel your booking.
To ensure you travel as stress free as possible, please pack all items correctly. Remember that each passenger has a limited luggage allowance per person, so your child also has one piece of luggage available: this can go for the baby buggy.
Please note that for car bookings the luggage space is limited; Our cars can take 2 items of luggage and a buggy easily. For families of 4 with a buggy, please book a minivan to ensure there is enough space available
You will get a pending booking email instantly when you press the book now button.
Once your booking is confirmed you will get another email which is also your travel voucher. Please print this one and have it with you as it contains emergency contact information.
Some e-mail may not be received due to anti-spam filters. Please check your spam folder before getting in touch.
You may modify your booking at any time up to 48h prior to the service. Please email or call us and we will process your request.
You have a 24 hour emergency telephone number on your voucher. Please call us and we will assist you.
We have over many years welcomed disabled travellers, providing help and assistance.
Our minivans have enough room to carry a foldable wheelchair. Please let us know when you book.
This service is for reduced mobility passengers. Some mobility will be required from the person in the wheelchair to get in and out of the vehicle.
Please book the service according to the last arriving flight and our driver will arrive accordingly. Passengers on the earlier flight will need to wait.
Drivers are usually waiting for you at the airport 20 min after the flight has landed. If you do not have any luggage, please advise us so the driver will be ready for a quick exit.
Cash to the driver at the end of each service is the usual way. If you want to pay by credit/debit card, please ask for a form to fill in and return for processing. This has to be done in advance. Alternatively, we also accept paypal payments at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..